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Learn More About The Hover Sprinkler

The Hover Sprinkler is the World’s first Zero-Waste Hand-Held Water Sprinkler. Since it’s the World’s Most Efficient Water Sprinkler you can put more water where you need it.

It’s Virtually Weightless because it Hovers inches above the ground.

It’s constructed from Rugged PVC and Brass so it will last a long time.
Designed specifically for Hot Climates, it Hovers inches above the surface to for Optimum Water Usage. The water penetrates down through the grass into the soil, so there is less evaporation and optimum water utilization.

Water everything with your Hover Sprinkler; Lawns, Gardens, Flower Beds, Bushes, Shrubs, and Trees. Experience Water and Time Savings. Every yard is a little different and you will quickly discover how best to use your Hover Sprinkler to gain optimum efficiency.

Hover Sprinkler Quick Facts

• The World’s First Zero-Waste Hand-Held Sprinkler Developed Specifically for Extreme Climates.

• Developed and Tested for Lawns, Gardens, Flower Beds, Shrubs, Bushes, and Trees.

• Maximum Plant Growth Potential and Water Savings during Extreme Climate Conditions.

• Long-Reach Spray Boom Evenly Delivers Water Deep Across Beds and Lawns.

• Enlarged Diameter Construction delivers High-Flow Rates for Maximum Time Savings.

• Four-Foot Spray Boom Waters Fast, Deep, Even, and Wide for Maximum Water Penetration and Plant Growth Potential.

• Long-Reach Spray Boom Penetrates Deep Underneath Shrubs and Bushes for Maximum Water Utilization and Root Absorption, Even at the Rear of the Plants.

• SuperSoaks Trees Evenly and Quickly, all the way out to the Drip Line, even during the Hot Dry Summer Months.

• Glides Weightlessly inches above the Ground Because of its Unique Anti-Gravity Design.

• It’s Hand-Held! Meets Hand-Held Watering Restriction Requirements in Most Municipalities.

• Lightweight and Rugged, Built to Last. Heavy-Duty PVC and Brass Construction.


It’s easy to assemble your Hover Sprinkler:

• Screw the boom onto the handle until it’s hand-tight (about two or three turns).

• Unscrew it until the holes are pointed downward. If it leaks then just screw it on one more turn.

• Attach your garden hose. If you have a cutoff valve it will make the Hover Sprinkler even handier, you can purchase one for a few dollars at most garden stores.