How Some Guy Is Changing The World With A Water Sprinkler

This may possibly be the strangest article you’ve ever read. It’s about a water sprinkler! And people all over the country are incredibly excited about it. Not just intrigued, but passionately excited about it. In fact, they have become so excited that it has become the center of conversation at parties. It’s truly amazing, and pinch me I must be dreaming, it’s only a water sprinkler!

So this guy in Texas decides he’s using too much water on his grass, so he starts tinkering with some ideas, and ‘Shazam’, he invents this little hand-held water sprinkler that looks and acts like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Then he takes it to a local garden store and they sell out in one day. Now remember, we’re only talking about a water sprinkler!

So then he goes home and starts making more water sprinklers in his carport and becomes some sort of a folk hero almost overnight. TV stations start interviewing him and he’s on the radio and crazy stuff like that, and remember, this is all about a little water sprinkler!

Overnight, this guy has all sorts of admirers and followers and people calling him a genius and all he did was make a little water sprinkler. Now you have to admit that this is about the craziest thing you’ve ever heard!

Why didn’t my parents ever tell me that the fastest path to fame and fortune is by making a water sprinkler!

So he calls it the Hover Sprinkler because is hovers like a flying saucer inches above the ground. It saves lots of water because the water squirts straight down into the soil instead of flying up through the air.

The guy is Grant Pitzer. He’s extremely passionate about saving water while making things grow. He says that the Hover Sprinkler is a revolutionary and magical watering device that will save billions of gallons of water, save users billions of hours of watering time, and make lawns and gardens greener.

So what’s the Hover Sprinkler? In a sentence, it’s the world’s most efficient sprinkler. It waters the grass, not the air.

Well the Hover Sprinkler is very unusual looking. When you see it the first time you’ll never guess that it’s a water sprinkler. But once the water is turned on, it becomes immediately evident that the sprinkler industry has just changed.

Everyone’s mesmerised the first time they see it, it’s that unusual.

It’s popular for many reasons. It saves lots of water so it saves money. And it’s unique; nobody’s ever seen anything like it before. And the crazy thing is that it’s just a water sprinkler! Could you have ever imagined that anyone could become excited about a water sprinkler! Hello everybody! It’s just a sprinkler!

Invented by Grant Pitzer, it gained immediate popularity in Texas when it was introduced during the 2011 Texas heat wave.

“The Hover Sprinkler has gained so much excitement because it has catapulted the Sprinkler Industry out of its Dark Ages.” Pitzer says “I’m excited about the Hover Sprinkler because it’s a magical and revolutionary device that saves an incredible amount of water, saves time, and makes lawns and gardens greener and healthier. And of course, it’s weightless because it hovers.”

Pitzer says, ”Do you want to spend the rest of your life watering your grass the old fashioned way or do you want to change the world.” Now may I again remind you that we’re talking about a water sprinkler!

Pitzer recognized a big problem with the existing sprinklers, they wasted lots of water.

“Someone told me that 60% of our home water consumption is used on our lawns. Well I knew I was using way more than that, and I thought that was crazy. So I set out to fix the problem, and the Hover Sprinkler is my solution. It’s like putting thousands of gallons of water back in your city’s water tower.”

“While inventing the Hover Sprinkler I learned much more about the seriousness of water conservation and how it impacts all of us. Yes I’ve heard it thousands of times before – Water is our most precious resource, without it life can’t exist. More precious than gold or silver yet we so often take it for granted. Blah blah blah, but it’s true! We should all save where we can.”

“Immediately after inventing the Hover Sprinkler I knew it was going to be big. I applied for a patent and thought about having it manufactured in China. But then I said, let’s do the right thing, let’s make it here in the U.S. So we did, and that’s been very interesting to say the least.”

“Recently I gave a talk to a group of inventors. The room burst into laughter when I showed a picture of my first manufacturing operation. It was a carport/tent type of arrangement in my back yard. It’s almost unbelievable how we started making Hover Sprinklers.”

“I didn’t know anything about manufacturing or merchandising or anything, and I probably still don’t, but we wanted it to be made in the USA so we just pressed on, we just started doing it, no different than any other red-blooded American would do”.

Pitzer says, “I started with a simple idea, an idea to remove evaporation from the sprinkler. First I turned a sprinkler upside down but I got all wet. Then I began experimenting with booms with wheels but they were too awkward and heavy. Then it occurred to me to put the water to work and use the thrust from the water jets. It then turned into a problem that used a little fluid dynamics and a little mechanical engineering and the Hover Sprinkler began to take shape.

Hundreds of prototypes later I finally arrived at what I’m holding now, the most revolutionary development in water sprinklers since the first sprinkler patent was awarded in 1881.

The Hover Sprinkler has revolutionized the industry. Hover Sprinkler turned the Sprinkler Industry upside down by turning the sprinkler upside down.”

Now you must agree with me, isn’t this one of the strangest stories you have ever read. It’s only a water sprinkler! But I think that when you have a chance to get your hands on a Hover Sprinkler, you’ll agree, Pitzer has reinvented the water sprinkler and changed the industry forever.