The Hover Sprinkler is the world’s most efficient sprinkler and is the number one selling sprinkler in Texas! It has reinvented the water sprinkler, it attaches to your garden hose and hovers weightlessly above the ground. The Hover Sprinkler boom is lined with water jets that create a lifting affect once the water is turned on. This allows you to evenly and effortlessly distribute water and “super soak” a large area of grass in the most efficient way possible.

The Hover Sprinkler is without a doubt the world’s most efficient water sprinkler!

Hover Sprinkler Combo Pack:
Includes the original SuperSoaker “long” boom and the New Watering Wand “shorter, high pressure” boom, which is not only makes watering your lawn, bushes, shrubs, flower beds, and potted plants a breeze, it’s also an incredible tool to use for washing cars, trucks, windows, or to use with expandable hoses. This is an added bonus. You get two in one with this great deal!

• Most efficient sprinkler on the market

• Saves watering time, extraordinary water savings, and reduces airborne evaporation

• Penetrates the grass down to the soil, easily reaches under shrubs and bushes

• Weightless operation with just a slight hold of the handle attaches to your standard garden hose or expandable hose

• This “Combo Pack” includes the original Hover Sprinkler SuperSoaker and the New “Watering Wand” High Power Boom, which is a powerful attachment great for washing cars, trucks, windows

(Shut-Off Valve sold separately.)


Manufacturer: Hover Sprinkler

Dimension: 48in * 2in * 10in

Weight: 2 lbs