Return Policy

Our ”Super Friendly” Return Policy:

Thank you for shopping at! We love our customers, and we want to make certain that you are 100% satisfied with your order!

For those who don’t like reading boring return policies (BTW…ours isn’t as boring as most ?) Here it is in a nutshell:

– You don’t like, want, need, the product you ordered: contact us and we’ll exchange or return and refund ASAP.
– We give you 60 Days to decide!


Our ”Super Friendly” Return Policy in More Detail

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase; contact us via email or phone and we’ll take care of you immediately. Maybe the product just isn’t what you need or want, the colors all wrong,
it’s too big or too small, it just doesn’t work, and you need an exchange; we’ll exchange it at no cost (NOT even shipping!)

Of course, this also applies to any actual product issues; we’ll exchange it at no cost ASAP! This should go without saying but, we want to be clear you understand that we’ve got your back.

Maybe you change your mind and decide you don’t want to exchange, but just want your moola back. We’re okay with that too! We’ll arrange for the return and a quick refund for your order.

You’re probably wondering; “How long do I have?” Well, you’re going to think we’re crazy…but, you have 60 days to return or exchange your order.

That’s right!! This means that if you’re not 100% satisfied with your order; we’ll refund you for 100% of the purchase price. That’s IT! No, if’s, and’s, or but’s. This is just how we ROLL!

***Did we mention…We LOVE Our Customers?

Just call or email us and we’ll go out of our way to make sure you’re one of our many, many, happy customers!

Where to return: (Please read above before shipping anything back, we may be able to help without the trouble of sending the item back)
C/O Rosanne Pitzer
300 E. Basse Rd.
Suite 1020
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Contact Us:

Phone – 210-774-9154
Email  –